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The Language Gym

Piefke Trading is very proud of having started publishing the Sentence Builder series. Not only that their method of teaching is very successful and innovative, their concern for languages and focus on linguistic benefit, not on purely market driven factors, amazes us. A hard working and driven team, highly spirited, producing market changing books in common and uncommon languages.

Language Gym
The Language Gym Catalog
The Sentence Builders book began when Dylan and Gianfranco, unable to find a course book that was suitable to their needs, and that matched Gianfranco's E.P.I. methodology decided to create an original workbook, for use within an E.P.I. practicing classroom. Spanish Sentence Builders - Beginner to Pre-intermediate was published in May 2020 and became an instant hit. This original work has now been adapted into 10 languages, including the very popular French version, translated by fellow Language Gym team member Ronan Jezequel. Other languages include Italian, German, Chinese, Welsh, Irish, Japanese, Indonesian & Malay (with Greek and Arabic also in the pipeline). Following on from the success of the Beginner book, Gianfranco and Dylan went on to create the prequel - Primary Spanish Sentence Builders, and the sequel - Intermediate Sentence Builders, as well as a GCSE Revision Workouts book, and an original novel "Extranjeros". Their "other languages" teams, led by Dylan, include over 20 talented and enthusiastic colleagues, such as Nadim Cham, Jérôme Nogues, Aurélie Le Thuilier, Lou Smith, Simona Gravina, Stefano Pianigiani, Alberto Quagiotto, Thomas Weidner, Sonja Fedrizzi, Silvia Bastow, Verónica Palacín, Jaume Llorens, Roberto Jover Soro, Inés Glowacka, Paloma Lozano García, Leticia Veiga, Esmeralda Salgado, Ester Borin, Aoife & Órla de Buitléir, Barri Moc, Mathias Maurer, Glenn Wall, Carys Swain, Heledd Nest, Chris Webster, Maggie Sproule, Martin Ringenaldus, Olga Stavrou-Migchels & Yusuf Amejee.
The Language Gym
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