Livre de leleve 3 & CD-audio (Adosphere)

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A universe close to teenagers, a teenager = a universe = a module 8 modules for 8 teenagers. An active opening page 3 learning lessons: Me and the others, My personal page and My discoveries in double page (1 lesson = 1 double page) - the exploitation of each lesson revolves around triggering documents and leads to the task to be done in interaction - a great variety of documents: emails, invitations, conversations, SMS ... 1 extension lesson: My culture page and My French subjects. A double page of systematization: Get involved! An assessment of the 4 skills (DELF). An effective introduction to interdisciplinarity (DNL) Complete evaluation system


A universe close to teens: current themes proposed by a network of> teens that allows a wide variety of documents. A step action: each lesson leads to a task to be done interaction. Solid language learning. Integration of learning French in the curriculum: interdisciplinary and the section> A dual digital offer: an interactive digital textbook for the teacher and a CD-ROM for the student.