Alter Ego + 3 Livre de léleve + CD-Rom

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A great wealth of documents: 60% of documents renewed and updated + 1 authentic video document per file. A study of the language in context: the essential vocabulary and linguistic memos in each Language Point. An integrated actional approach, throughout the method : with many tasks over the lessons, plus 3 tasks that prepare the final draft of the dossier. A complete DELF B1 test and a DELF preparation page per folder integrated in the student's book. Two times more exercises per fileMore annexes : a thematic lexicon by dossier, phonie-graphie activities, a precise grammatical text and an updated cultural alphabet. CD-ROM included in the student's book, with the complete audio recordings of the student's book, a lexicon multilingual interactive, one video per folder and the games of Paroles en scène.

And always...

A clear and marked learning path, ready to use Strategies and tools to facilitate the comprehension and the memorization of contents


Student Book + CD-ROM Activity Book + Audio CD Instructional Guide CD Audiobook (x3) Interactive Digital Teacher's Manual (USB Key)