Clan 7 con ¡Hola, amigos! Cuaderno ejer

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Clan 7 with Hello, friends! - Clan 7 activity notebook with Hello, friends! Level 1 is a Spanish course for children between 6 and 12 years old, developed by Editorial Edinumen in collaboration with the Cervantes Institute. Its seven protagonists are the thread of numerous adventures that will help children learn Spanish in a playful and fun way. The Workbook works the units of the Student's Book with playful activities (coloring, trimming, pasting, joining ...) for the consolidation of the contents learned. Includes self-adhesive. We work with the latest methodological trends in Primary Education and in the process of teaching / learning languages ​​to children. Activities for the practice and consolidation of the main contents of the Student's Book. The activities are of a playful nature and include dynamics (color, cut, paste, join ...) that put into operation the fine motor skills with the aim of internalizing the contents and using the target language. The last activity of each session is a task in which the learner must express, in Spanish, personal and / or cultural aspects related to the theme of the unit. Includes a double page of full-color stickers that serve to complete some of the proposed activities.