Clan 7 con ¡Hola, amigos! Nivel 1 alumno

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Clan 7 con ¡Hola, amigos! - Libro del alumno + CD-ROM Clan 7 con ¡Hola, amigos! Level 1 is a Spanish course for children between 6 and 12 years old, developed by Editorial Edinumen in collaboration with the Cervantes Institute. Its seven protagonists are the thread of numerous adventures that will help children learn Spanish in a playful and fun way. The Student's Book is divided into 9 units that follow the contents of the Curriculum Plan of the Cervantes Institute, in correspondence with the contents developed in the interactive course ¡Hola, amigos !, included in the CD-ROM and developed by the Instituto Cervantes in collaboration with the University of Alberta (Canada). We work with the latest methodological trends in Primary Education and in the process of teaching / learning languages ​​to children. Activities that develop linguistic and cultural competence through cheerful and motivating images and with the contents sequenced according to the child's age and level. Cross-cutting issues are addressed and education in values ​​is encouraged. The cultural diversity of the Spanish-speaking world is contemplated and intercultural awareness is enhanced. An active methodology is developed, in continuous interaction with the teacher and with the constant presence of the playful element, which favors the learning and socialization of the children. A CD-ROM with the interactive course ¡Hola, amigos !, is included with which the children will develop their digital competence and autonomy.