Contextos A2/B1. Libro del alumno

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The level 2 Student's book includes 9 teaching units (starting with unit 10 and finishing with unit 18). Each unit is structured into the following sections:

Hablamos de...

Vocabulario y comunicación.


¡En vivo!



Sabor latino.

En resumen.

Furthermore, the Student's book is accompanied by a wealth of audiovisual materials that can be accessed for free via the publisher's online platform, ELEteca 4.0.

Resources available on the ELEteca platform are as follows:

A Workbook in digital format, containing interactive exercises for further practice.

The audio content relating to the listening activities in the Student's book.

Interactive activities relating to the content covered in each unit.

An educational game called "La pasantía", presenting students with a series of missions that must be completed.

Video clips (four per unit, including a situational video, a cultural video, a grammar video tutorial, plus a video showing people being interviewed in the street).

Verb tables, a grammar summary and a Spanish/English glossary can be found at the back of the book.

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