Contextos Levels A2-B1: Tutor Manual: Spanish Course for Adolescents and Adults with Free Coded Access to Eleteca: Part 2

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The level 2 Teacher's book is accompanied by a wealth of audiovisual materials that can be accessed for free via the publisher's online platform, ELEteca 4.0.

Resources available on the ELEteca platform are as follows:

Photocopiable sheets and projectable materials.

Access to the audio content and the corresponding transcripts.

Answers to the online Exercise book.

Tests and assessment materials.

An educational game called "La pasantía".

The Teacher's book also includes suggestions and instructions on how best to implement the activities in the Student's book. There is information provided relating to each activity in the Student's book, and there are also cultural notes and references to additional materials. Furthermore, the Teacher's book clearly explains the objectives of each lesson so that teachers can easily follow their students' progress.