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It includes:

  • Student book . This second volume comprises of unit 10 to 18.
  • Extra resources in the ELEteca (available for 18 months from the moment of its activation): auditions, interactive practices, didactic games, videos ...

The Student's Book is available in paper and digital eBook format.

Structure of the book:

This first volume carries the instructions in English , which will disappear as the student acquires Spanish.

  • The book has nine didactic units plus a Unit 0 as an introduction.
  • The didactic units are structured in sections that work different contents: functional, grammatical, lexical, audiovisual ...
  • Each unit is accompanied by four videos available on the ELEteca : a situational video, a cultural video, a grammar video and another one with street interviews.
  • At the end of the Student's Book, a table of verbs , a grammatical summary and a Spanish / English glossary are offered .
  • The book includes access to The Internship , a didactic game to practice Spanish in a fun way through missions that the student must overcome.