Diercke Weltatlas - Ausgabe 2015

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Competent orientation through the combination of tradition and innovation:

- Understanding the trends of the 21st century (sustainability, energy, mobility, resources, etc.): all physical maps in uniform and comparable scale
- Over 450 maps combined with charts, photos and graphics
- Business cards with simplified classification of the different locations (numerous accessibility aids and simple entry cards)
- 22,000 register entries with pictograms for quick orientation (handy format anddurable cover for school use)
- Teacher materials with Diercke stamp for practicable differentiation of the cards
- Online key to the digital premium area
- Extensive Internet supplement at www.diercke.de The Diercke Weltatlas, which is licensed for Bavaria, can be found here.


Publisher Westermann
Publication Year 2015
Author Various Authors
Language German
Format Hardcover
ISBN-10 9783141008005
ISBN-13 978-3141008005