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Extranjeros - Part 1 - Un chico misterioso (GCSE Reader - Sentence Builder Book Series) - STUDENT WORKBOOK, 100% Authentic - 9783949651250

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This is the STUDENT WORKBOOK for Extranjeros - PART 1 - Un chico misterioso

This workbook consolidates the 
key vocabulary and patterns contained in the first part of The Language Gym work of fiction ‘Extranjeros - Book 1 - Un chico misterioso’ . This workbook, which works two pages at a time from the start till the end of the book, is jam-packed with engaging tasks which focus the learner on every possible level of the text (e.g.: word spelling, word and phrase meaning, collocations, colligations, syntactic patterns, discourse building) and involve a judicious mix of recognition and production activities sequenced in a gradual crescendo of challenge and complexity. The authors have ensured that the key lexical items in the text are recycled and revisited extensively not only within each unit, but also across the whole workbook. At regular intervals, a set of retrieval practice tasks tests students on their mastery of the lexical content of each chapter in order to provide further opportunities for consolidation of the target vocabulary.

Book synopsis
A teenage boy wakes up lying on the hot cobbles of a Toledo street. With no memory of who he is, nor why he is in Spain, he sets out on a quest to discover his own identity and purpose. Following a trail of tantalising clues through the picturesque backstreets of Toledo, he meets a cast of colourful characters, from the charming Valentina and the mysterious Hassan, to the menacing and elusive Álvaro.

In the first part of a four-book series, our protagonist searches for himself, but will he be happy with the person that he finds?

Conceived for, and with input from, iGCSE Spanish students, the Extranjeros series brings the iGCSE topic areas to life through an engaging and exciting mystery in one of the most beautiful locations in Spain. Thanks to its parallel texts which guarantee 100 % comprehensible input at all times; the repetition of key language items; the judicious use of cognates and choice of high-frequency vocabulary drawn from the 2,500 most frequent Spanish words, this book is ideal for learners in the A2-B1 proficiency band. For further consolidation we recommend the accompanying activities workbook which provides a wide range of engaging word- and grammar-focused tasks designed to engage the learner at various level of processing of the text, i.e.: spelling, word-/phrase-recognition, grammar, syntax, meaning and discourse building.