Festival 1 - Livre de lélève

by CLE
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Festival is a simple and light method for great teenagers and adults totally beginners in French.

Designed to cover about 80 hours of teaching (100h with the exercise book), Festival is suitable? extensive, semi-intensive or intensive courses.
The objectives of the method follow the recommendations of the Common European Framework of Reference:

To appropriate the basic structures and the indispensable lexicon of French, and therefore be able to quickly get by in the situations of everyday life.
To develop the four skills, while privileging the oral nevertheless. Festival prepares for the new events of the Delf A1 / A2 (A1 level is covered by the first 4 of the 6 units of the manual).

The manual is organized in:

6 units each having a "macro-objective" of communication.
24 lessons (4 per unit) of 4 pages each + one lesson 0.