Langenscheidt Grosswoerterbuch Deutsch als Fremdsprache - Monolingual German Dictionary (German Edition)

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The standard work for German as a foreign language. With some 90,000 entries, phrases and example sentences, the latest vocabulary and easy-to-understand definitions. An excellent learner's dictionary and reference for advanced speakers of German.

Specifically designed for non-native speakers 90,000 entries, phrases and example sentences. Specifically tailored to the needs of all learners of German Numerous info windows on important cultural issues. Extensive grammar information and tips on correct language usage. With more than 300 new drawings and information windows to help you learn With free access to Langenscheidt's online dictionary.


    Publisher Langenscheidt
    Publication Year 2015
    Author Langenscheidt
    Language German
    Format HardCover
    ISBN-10 3468490399
    ISBN-13 978-3468490392