Langenscheidt Memo-Spiel "Wie heißt das?" - Memo-Spiel in einer Box mit 200 Karten und Spielanleitung: Spielerisch Deutsch lernen (Langenscheidt Memo-Spiele)

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SKU 9783125632240
Playfully learning German: The memory game contains 200 word and picture cards with the most important German words. 
Detailed game instructions: The easy to understand and simple game is explained in the 4 languages ​​German, English, Arabic and Persian and contains helpful tips for the DaF lessons 
German as a Foreign Language: With the memory game, lessons can be loosened up in a playful way and a quick access to the language can be found. Ideal for teachers of German and integration courses as well as for everyday companions 
Everyday topics: The memo cards are thematically structured and pick up the most important words among others from the areas living & household, family & friends, money & shopping
Level A1-A2: The language game is ideal for learning in tandem or in a group for learners of all ages.