Les Petits Loustics 1 : Livre de lélève

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Discover the new method for toddlers with Camille, Léon and their friends for a motivating and fun French learning! Structure: The Little Loustics 1 is a method rich in visual and audio documents. The method proposes an action-based and creative approach, based on play to give the child the pleasure and the desire to learn. - Practical and playful support to facilitate the use in class (individual sessions on table and work with the teacher) - Instructions and oral activities transcribed on the left page dedicated to the teacher - Rubric Time for other activities? to modulate the learning time - Recurring pictos to facilitate the realization of the activities and the learning of the language Description: - A new method of sensitization answering the requirements of the different programs of initiation in French - A universe of benevolent learning, close to everyday life and the imaginary world of children with endearing characters and captivating graphics - A flexible method according to the desired volume of time with a heading Time for other activities? and additional worksheets in the resource file - A structured play approach that facilitates memorization through nursery rhymes, songs, rhythms, movements, followed stories - A variety of oral comprehension and production activities associated with mime, finger game, round ... to take into account the multiple intelligences in an approach perfectly adapted to toddlers - Rich and varied educational resources, adapted to the specificity of teaching toddlers: a detailed instructional guide, a set of 200 color picture cards, a downloadable resource file ... Components: - Student's book - Activity book + Audio CD - Audio CD class - Teaching guide - Resource files - Picture cards in color (x200)