Menschen A2/1: Deutsch als Fremdsprache / Kursbuch mit DVD-ROM 

by Hueber
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Menschen A2/1

- The lessons have four pages each and follow a transparent, recurring structure:
- Each lesson begins with an interesting introductory situation - usually combined with a listening text - that introduces the topic of the lesson and awakens emotions and interest
- On the following double page, starting from the entry situation, the new word fields, structures and speeches are introduced and practiced on the basis of authentic reading and listening texts
- The new word box of the lesson is presented prominently in the header and easy to memorize as a picture dictionary
- End page: Writing training, speech training or mini-projects pick up on the lesson and the structures and important phrases are clearly summarized
- The four additional module plus pages offer further interesting information.
- Reader magazine: Magazine page with various additional reading texts
- Movie Stations: Tasks to the film sequences of the DVD
- Project Regional Studies: Suggestion for a project
- End: Songs with tips for creative use in the classroom
- The integrated Learner DVD-ROM offers individual expansion and deepening tasks as well as automation exercises for working independently at home