Método 3 de español. Cuaderno de ejercicios B1 (Métodos - Método - Método 3 De Español B1 - Cuaderno De Ejercicios)

by Anaya
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MÉTODO 3 of Spanish, level A1, is an intensive / extensive teaching method for young adults, with a unit structure that allows adapting to the needs of students and teachers and thus cover the hours of one or the other modality (80- 100: intensive and 130: extensive).
It is an innovative proposal aimed at communication and the pragmatic uses of linguistic productions, which puts the focus on the student and on his efficient performance in communication. Part of an experience formed in the classroom.

The EXERCISE BOOK has two different parts:
Concentrated on the tongue.
Concentrated on the skills.

The first part includes the practice of all linguistic questions, both grammatical and lexical, phonetic and orthographic, in an integrated manner.

The second part exercises oral and written communication skills, receptive and productive.

But the great novelty of this design is that it allows the student to practice by skills of the contents programmed for the unit, closely following the model of activities of the DELE exams.

The sections of this second part are the following: