Método 3 de español, libro del alumno B1 (Métodos - Método - Método 3 De Español B1 - Libro Del Alumno)

by Anaya
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METHOD 3 of Spanish, level B1, is an intensive / extensive teaching method for young adults, with a unit structure that allows adapting to the needs of students and teachers and thus cover the hours of one or the other modality (80-100 : intensive and 130: extensive). It is an innovative proposal aimed at communication and the pragmatic uses of linguistic productions, which puts the focus on the student and on his efficient performance in communication. Part of an experience formed in the classroom.

The structure of the Student Book consists of 10 units articulated in 4 sections:

- Contexts (immersion in the communication space)

- Observe, Learn and Remember (inference of contents and reflection)

- Practice (sequenced exercise from the most directed activities to the most free)

- In communication (update of the contents of the unit in contexts of real and close uses for the student).