Planetino 1: Deutsch für Kinder.Deutsch als Fremdsprache / Kursbuch

by Hueber
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The new course for grammar school – three volumes to lead to level A1!
Prerequisites: no prior knowledge necessary
Target group: The course addresses eight- to eleven-year-olds inside and outside of Germany who are learning German without prior knowledge of the language.

Goal: Three volumes lead to level A1.

Planetino adheres to the guidelines of the European Reference Framework and concretely implements the portfolio approach.
Every volume offers 5 modules, each arranged according to the same principle:

- 1-2 theme-oriented introductory comics based on already familiar structures

- 3-4 short lessons with 2-4 pages

- a one-page overview with grammar and common expressions

A selection of a play, cultural information with activity games as well as a chronological list of the active and passive vocabulary complete the volume.

Phonetic exercises as well as portfolio development are integrated from the very beginning. The methodically diverse exercise forms, such as partner and group work, games, songs, and physical activities, involve all the senses.

Following Planetino, work can easily be continued with Planet 2 and Planet 3 or with any other course suitable for youths.