Prima plus - Allgemeine Ausgabe: A2: Band 2 - Schülerbuch

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For students from 12 to 16
Prima plus
is the new edition of the successful textbook Prima:
thematically up-to-date and in a modern design.
Prima Plus: Meets all requirements for motivating lessons and guides students to active self-reliant learning. The textbook conveys a modern image of German-speaking countries and trains intercultural competence.

Prima Plus
leads in five volumes to level B1 and prepares the youngsters for the exams Fit in Deutsch 1 and 2, Goethe-Zertifikat B1 and DSD, Level 1. Next, Prima - The Intermediate
in two volumes to C1 level and ready for the DSD, Level 2.

The pluses of Prima Plus

- Seven short, clearly structured units
- Generously designed and beautifully illustrated
- Current topics and texts
- Versatile analog and digital media
- Active, independent learning with self-evaluation offers
- Social and working forms that promote communicative competence
- Solid development of all skills
- Student book also digital
- The student books