Prüfungstraining DaF: A1 - Start Deutsch 1: Übungsbuch mit Lösungsbeileger und Audio-CD: U?ebnice + Klí? + CD

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SKU 9783060207473
Das Prüfungstraining ermöglicht eine gezielte Vorbereitung auf die Prüfung Start Deutsch 1.

The exam training allows a specific preparation for the exam. Start Deutsch 1.
It includes

Tasks and explanations of the exam parts, three model tests as well as a targeted vocabulary training.
The enclosed audio CD contains the audio texts of the exercises and the model tests 1-3. The recordings for the model test 4 are available for download.

Information about the series:

Accurate preparation for the important DaF exams

The books provide exercises, work aids and tips - differentiated for individual needs and clear in construction. A detailed assessment of the parts of the exam helps learners to accurately assess their own status. Each exercise book is suitable for teaching as well as self-learning.