Studio [21] - Grundstufe: A1: Gesamtband - Unterrichtsvorbereitung (Print): Mit Toolbox CD-ROM "Der Arbeitsblattgenerator"

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studio [21] - latest edition of the internationally recognized learning method d study, with new design and updated content.The method is ideal for adults without prior knowledge of German.It is available in three complete volumes or six partial volumes and prepares up to level B1 of the Common European Framework of Reference.

The teacher's book includes complete information on the concept of the method, comments and didactic suggestions for the development of the class, additional cultural information, as well as alternative ways of proceeding to attend to diversity. In the appendix you will find, for each unit, templates to make photocopies and tests, the audio texts of the model test, as well as the solutions of the exercises of the units and the tests.

The included CD-ROM -the generator of worksheets-, facilitates the preparation of the class. With different tools you can create worksheets quickly and easily. For this purpose, each unit will have the audio and video transcriptions, as well as selected reading texts, key phrases and study vocabulary lists [21]. In addition, Analyse tool will help you adapt your own texts to the level of learning of your course.