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Studio d - Grundstufe: A1: Teilband 2 - Kurs- und Übungsbuch mit Lerner-Audio-CD: Hörtexte der Übungen und des Modelltests Start Deutsch 1

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Europäischer Referenzrahmen: A1, A2, B1. Deutsch als Fremdsprache für Erwachsene - as a Foreign Language for Adults - this multimedia textbook is available in three or five volumes, with the main textbook and integrated exercise section and a learner audio CD in it, consisting of twelve units and three Stations for deepening, repetition and thematic expansion.

In the appendix: A model test for the A1 level assessment, a grammar overview, a list of words, all audio texts and the solution key. Transparent implementation of learning objectives based on the optional descriptions of the Common European Framework of Reference. Learning German for leisure and work: The consistent integration of professional scenarios and the presentation of job descriptions take into account the professional interest of many adults.

The latest findings of second-language acquisition research assume that the spoken language is largely controlled by automated and lexicalized linguistic units - especially in the initial stages. Therefore, there are tasks for automating situated word sequences and fluent speech. Consistent pronunciation training from the beginning.

A comprehensive range of media-based learning and teaching. A video complements the range of natural language patterns and contexts. Exercises can be found in the optional stations. Both the optional exercise book 'Trainer studio d' and the Lerner Audio complete the exercise offer. Project suggestions with specific tips for using the Internet.

New: With the Audio 'Lesson Preparation Interactive', teachers can prepare their lessons on the computer to save time. All textbook components, didactic tips for each page and many additional offers are offered in a compact and meaningful way.