Studio: Die Mittelstufe: B2: Band 1 - Kurs- und Übungsbuch: Mit Lerner-Audio-CD mit Hörtexten des Übungsteils 

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Studio 21 Approval by BAMF (with intensive training with extra pages for integration courses).

Special Features: - flexible media offer (paperless education is possible)

- e-book: with vocabulary for each page of the units, all exercises are interactive, video clips for conversation training, hybrid-CD:all audios can be used for MP3 CD players

Methodical Didactical Features:

- grammar approach: inductive learning path, support for self-discovery of grammatical rules along with prefabricated grammar chart

- automation before cognition, step-by-step didactic mediation for grammatical structures

- consistent distinction between exercises and tasks - application task at the end of each sequence

- vocabulary learning: semantic fields on the basis of GER/Proile German, professional vocabulary learning strategies for understanding, arranging, and memorizing of words - integrated phonetics work

Panorama Admission by BAMF

Special Features:

- focus on DACH (language, applied geography)

- augmented reality elements: videos (4 types ) for vocabulary training, phonetics, visualization of grammar structures, applied geography (

- transparent structure: Course Book with a Teacher’s Book, with video-work, important dialogues as audios on CD or as video-clips on DVD (or on the lesson preparation)

Methodical Didactical Features:

- classical grammar approach

- intensive work with dialogues

- playful exercises for active practice in German

- conclusive exercise at the end of every unit Studio Die Mittelstufe B2 Special Features: - easy transition from B1: the topics, lat progression, and speciic repitition in E1-E4 from B2.1 (no ‘‘B1+’’ necessary)

- small steps sequencing

- intensive strategy training

- composition /identation text expertise

- occupation-speciic qualiications (in the stations)

- training for the B2 test (Goethe-institut, Telc)

Methodical Didactical Features:

- focus on practical skills: specific training for automatic linguistical actions

- no unnatural separation of skills

- personalization and functional implementation of grammar, no pre-built grammar tables

- systematic mediation of linguistic routines

- lexicon work: specific training of lexicon and collocations