Tendances A1 +CD

by CLE
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With Tendances, French is practiced actively, we share knowledge, we discover ways of life ... thanks to effective tools at the service of teaching easy to implement. A lifelong learning for a learner eager to learn all that is useful, nothing that is useful. A resolutely practical methodology: one pursues goals, one accomplishes tasks, one carries out projects. Simple and effective teaching thanks to a "ready-to-use" double-page organization and a linear and transparent lesson plan for the teacher and the learner. A well-marked evaluation course and a graduated preparation at DELF. A team of very experienced authors and real tests conducted in classrooms around the world. Trends is still a lot more: an innovative actional actional action scenario in relation to real life. taking into account new social practices in the choice of class documents and materials. a Francophone cultural environment, rich and motivating, reflecting all the "trends". a digital offer built on the uses of teachers, learners and institutions.