Totem 1 A1 DVD-ROM

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Simple to use, the method proposes a dynamic and reassuring course (1 lesson = 1 double page = 1 pedagogical sequence). Each of the 3 lessons is based on a different triggering media (video, written or audio) and guides the learner in a discovery language and a progressive construction of meaning. A balanced work on skills makes it possible to realize the final task of the dossier. A lesson Facts and gestures / Cultures proposes an innovative approach to observe and understand the cultural implicitities of video and documents, thus allowing to develop savoir-etre / savoir faire / savoirs A very rich multimedia offer is included in the student's book: all the audio, all the videos (series + documentaries + interactive video sequences), a simple digital manual has download and interactive activities related to the video.

The components:

Student's book + DVD-ROM (audio + video) + simple numerical manualColor activity book + audio CDProfessional guideCD class audioDVD (PAL / NTSC) Teacher-enriched digital manual (USB stick)