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French Sentence Builders A lexicogrammar approach PART ONE TRILOGY - 9783949651915

bởi Language Gym
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French Sentence Builders - TRILOGY - Part 1 is a workbook aimed at 
Key Stage 3 students, co-authored by three modern languages 
educators with over 60 years of extensive classroom experience 
between the three, both in the UK and internationally.
This ‘no-frills’ book contains 15 units of work on very popular themes, jam packed with graded listening activities, vocabulary-building, 
reading, translation, retrieval practice, writing & speaking activities. Key 
vocabulary, lexical patterns and structures are recycled and interleaved 

Each unit includes:
• a sentence builder modelling the target constructions;
• a set of listening activities to model and input-flood the target language
• a set of vocabulary building activities;
• a set of narrow reading texts exploited through a range of tasks
focusing on both the meaning and structural levels of the text;
• a set of retrieval-practice translation tasks;
• a set of writing tasks targeting essential micro-skills such as spelling,
lexical retrieval, syntax, editing and communication of meaning.
• a “Bringing it all together” section to recycle and interleave the target
language seen in previous units
Based on the E.P.I. principle that learners learn best from comprehensible 
and highly patterned input flooded with the target linguistic features, the 
authors have carefully designed each and every text and activity to enable 
the student to process and produce each item many times over.
Please note that both The Language Gym and 
websites are ideal supplements to this booklet. Both websites recycle 
every single lexical and structural item found in this book many times over 
via self-marking vocabulary and reading workouts, in addition to engaging 
and fun games and a powerful verb trainer